Recovered station data

  • Central Europe and Balkans, coordinated by URV, with contributions by KNMI and external contribution by Dubravka Rasol (Croatian Meteorological and Hydrological Service, DHMZ) INDECIS rescued over 610K daily observation from 25 climate series from 7 countries.

    Download data - available in PANGAEA - Coll, J.R.; Van der Schrier, G.; Aguilar, E.; Rasol, D.; Coscarelli, R.; Bishop, A.(2019): Daily rescued meteorological observations across Europe (1917-1990). PANGAEA (dataset in review)

  • Global Dataset with 311 sites around the globe with wind mast data by BSC. Download data - available in EUDAT -
  • See techincal report (data collection & QC)

  • Lombardia and Calabria (Italy), coordinated by CNR-IRPI: 30 stations with about 70 years of daily maximum and minimum temperature and rainfall observations